A sensory experience
that will spicen up any event.



LuLu's Catering is a family-owned business, out of Aurora, and is here to serve the people of Colorado. LuLu's is an experiential catering service. What does that mean? We've created a catering service that allows us to truly express the Mexican culture. We cook our street tacos from our taco cart right in front of your guests—our own unique style of catering.

LuLu's specializes in catering corporate events, private parties, birthdays and any other event where good people come together for good times and great tacos.

LuLu's will customize our menus to meet your specific needs, for your type of event. After all, it's your event/party and your focus and attention should be on your guests, not on your catering company.

Flavors you might have tasted once on your own far-flung adventure. A meal you've always wanted to try. And a whole world of other ingredients you haven't even heard of yet. All sitting together in a carefully chosen menu, handpicked from across the map.


About LuLu, the Tacos and the
LuLu's Experience

Originally from Southern California, Luis Ordunez is the creator of LuLu's Tacos here in Colorado. When Luis was thinking about opening a taco catering service, he didn't want to leave out the experience. LuLu's not only provides food but a fun and memorable experience. He'll bring the fiesta to you! LuLu's wants to help out everyone who is stressing about an upcoming event that may not know what to cook or what to cater. Louis knows how to bring a smile to your guests.   Luis spends his early years in Southern California and then migrated to Colorado in his early teens. When creating LuLu's, he wanted to show everyone that true SoCal Mexican Culture. If you're looking for a new and fun way to shake up your event, you have come to the right place. Our food is grilled on location where it's hot and ready to serve. LuLu's not only provides that delicious Mexican food but a fun experience. We'll bring the fiesta to you!   When it comes to the tacos, Luis wanted everyone to get a taste of that Southern California street tacos style. But he also didn't want to leave out all the great things that go along with tacos, such as Agua Fresca, Churros, and a variety of salsas. The product he is offering means something to the Mexican culture. The LuLu's experience ties that culture directly into your event.